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Sheena Allen

Savannah's Leading Fitness Instructor

Sheena Allen is a Savannah native and a proud mother of four. She began her dance career with classical training as a child and went on to graduate from the nationally recognized Savannah Arts Academy. Early on in her career she began teaching professionally; she instructed at several local neighborhood centers, working for the City of Savannah, and serving a vastly under-served inner city community. 

Sheena continued her fitness journey by completing her personal training certification, competing in figure competitions and winning her ANBF pro-card. Shortly after, she discovered her passion for Zumba, the perfect marriage of fitness and dance. She became the Group Fitness Coordinator at the Habersham YMCA where her classes regularly boasted numbers of sixty or more attendees. Sheena has been the most consistently attended Zumba class in the city and Savannah Connect Magazine has named her instructor of the year for the past six years in a row. 

Sheena has recently introduced her own brand of dance and fitness. These new classes feature free weights, intense core work, and choreographed high energy routines that keep her students challenged, focused, and sweating! Sheena takes great pride in her role as instructor and motivator. She truly feels that through fitness, we can all live better, fuller, and more purposeful lives.

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